A. The Branch shall meet on the first Tuesday of each month, except the months of July and August, except that the time of a regular meeting may be changed when deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors. Such changes will be made on a time-to-time basis and will not affect the date of following regular meetings.

B. The President may call a special meeting at any time he deems necessary and proper, and shall give at least seven (7) day notice to the membership of such meeting. Only the business for which such special meeting is called may be transacted.


The following are minimum expected requirements to fulfill the duties of each respective office. Officers are also responsible for orienting their respective successors at the end of each year.

A. President

1. Call and preside at all Branch meetings.
2. Appoint necessary standing and task committees and encourage them to do their work.
3. Provide a list of names, addresses, and telephone & fax numbers of all officers and committee chairs to same and to Section and National.
4. Call regular meetings of the officers, committee members and/or directors of the Branch. Dispose of as much routine business as possible at these Board Meetings thus freeing the Membership meetings for primary emphasis on the planned program.
5. Coordinate Branch activity of a joint nature with other engineering societies in the city for activity such as Engineers' Week and other events of general engineering and interest.
6. Encourage Branch members to participate in the technical groups and their activities of the Section and the National Society.

B. Vice-President

1. Preside over meetings in the absence of the President.
2. Chair the Programs Committee.

C. Secretary

1. Prepare minutes of monthly Membership Meetings and Board Meetings. Send abbreviated version of minutes to newsletter editor in time for publication in the following month’s newsletter. Distribute full version of Board Meeting minutes for approval at next Board Meeting.
2. Summarize all the monthly Membership Meeting minutes, including attendance, to be included in the annual report that is presented to the Texas Section at the end of the fiscal year.
3. Send meeting summary sheets, including minutes, to the Texas Section by the 25th of the month.
4. Assist Section Director with preparation of the annual (end-of-year) report for the Branch.

D. Treasurer

1. Prepare a budget for the upcoming fiscal year to be presented at the September Board Meeting.
2. Check post office box (No. 3638 at six points) at least monthly.
3. In mid-February, make annual payment at main post office (H.P. Garcia at 809 Nueces Bay Blvd.) into Permit No. 1344 account for privilege to mail at bulk rates.
4. Monitor post office bulk mail account balance/make payment(s) to account (at main post office) as needed to cover postage.
5. Cut and deliver checks to cover expenses.
6. Make deposits (i.e., newsletter ad payments, Branch dues, etc.).
7. Advise newsletter editor(s) on status of advertisement payments.
8. To do/take to Membership Meetings:
a) Checkbook (in case of no sponsor or sponsor would like to reimburse the Branch for meals)
b) Name tags and pens
c) Sales tax exemption form for vendor (restaurant)
d) Sign-in/reservation sheet
e) Membership listing (for sponsors, if requested - this listing is maintained by Liberty Design.)
f) New member packets (for recruiting new members - available from ASCE National)
g) Take names/money at the door of the meetings.
h) Provide meeting headcount (members, spouses, students, guests) to Secretary.
9. Balance checkbook, compare to bank statement, and prepare monthly Treasurer’s reports for review at Board Meetings.
10. In early (May) August, order Past President’s plaque and have Past President nametag engraved and mount on Board of Past Presidents. Present both to outgoing President at June Meeting)Annual Meeting in September.
11. In early February, attend the Zone III Management Conference.
12. In late June/early July, attend the Section Leadership Conference.
13. In late June/early July, prepare annual (end-of-year) Treasurer’s report for the Branch and submit for audit.
14. Assist Section Director with annual (end-of-year) Branch report.
15. In early October, obtain signature cards for checking account from bank, get officers’ signatures, and return to bank.

E. Section Director

1. Act and participate as policy maker for the Texas Section in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Texas Section.
2. Attend Section Meetings and serve as the direct line of communication between the Branch and the Section.
3. Oversee preparation of the annual (end-of-year) report for the Branch.
4. See that a copy of the annual report is filed with the History & Heritage Committee.


The committees of the Corpus Christi Branch shall consist of standing committees and task committees. All standing committees shall be appointed annually by the President immediately following installation of officers. Task committees shall be appointed by the President on an “as needed” basis, and shall be those committees that are concerned with special tasks, such as hosting a Section Meeting. Task committees shall be dissolved after the specific purpose for which the committee was appointed is completed and/or the President discharges the committee. The standing committees and their duties and responsibilities are as follows:

A. Nominating

1. The Branch President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall appoint a Nominating Committee of three members, preferably Past Presidents of the Branch. The members of the Nominating Committee shall be members in good standing.
2. This committee shall function throughout the entire year and shall have the responsibility of recognizing the qualities of leadership and devotion to the aims of the American Society of Civil Engineers in members of the Corpus Christi Branch and of nominating members possessing these qualities to office in the Corpus Christi Branch. It shall select a slate of officers for the local Branch and shall submit nominations to the Texas Section or to American Society of Civil Engineers when requested by them. Each nominee for any office must give his consent to serve if elected. The slate of officers for the local Branch shall be submitted to the Secretary on the 1st of April of each year.

B. Programs

1. The Vice-President shall chair the Programs Committee. This committee will select program material in consonance with the objectives of the Branch.
2. Solicit various manufacturers, distributors, and/or contractors to make technical presentation at monthly Membership meetings, and prepare appropriate written correspondence to them.
3. Arrange for an individual(s) to make a presentation during the business portion of the monthly meetings, and prepare the appropriate correspondence to them. This includes coordinating with the Texas Section President, who will install the new officers in (June) September of each year.
4. Make the appropriate arrangements for the monthly meeting location including the number of reservations, the meal/desserts, the audio/visual requirements, cocktails, etc.
5. Prepare speaker biographies and introduce speakers at Membership Meetings.
6. Receive reservations for monthly Membership Meetings, if required, and prepare meeting sign-in sheet. Give copy of sign-in sheet to Treasurer before meeting.
7. Order and present appreciation gift(s) for the meeting speakers.
8. Send thank-you notes to the speakers.
9. Encourage student attendance at Membership Meetings. Make a financial arrangement, if possible, for reduced prices. Plan a joint meeting with the students at least once a year.

C. Membership

1. Be responsible for all matters affecting membership, attendance, retention and prospective members.
2. Maintain a current list of assigned and subscribing members of the Branch. Coordinate updates with newsletter mailing list.
3. Maintain a supply of membership application forms, as well as transfer and reinstatement forms, and see that they are supplied to potential members needing them.
4. Encourage younger members to upgrade their membership classification to Member and Members to Fellow when appropriate. Encourage assigned members to become subscribing members.

D. Newsletter

1. Coordinate preparation and publication of 10 monthly newsletters per fiscal year (September through June).
2. Solicit advertising, receive camera-ready “slicks”, and invoice as needed.
3. Coordinate with local printing companies for the printing of the monthly newsletters in exchange for advertising space.
4. In addition to the President’s message, the announcement for the next Membership Meeting, and the minutes from previous Membership and Board Meetings, gather and publish articles in consonance with the objectives of the Branch.
5. Endeavor to mail newsletters in time for members to receive them at least 7 days before the Membership Meeting.
6. Forward a draft copy of each newsletter to the President for review prior to publication.

E. Public Information

1. Place before the public all matters relating to the Branch and the civil engineering profession where appropriate, including submission of articles to local newspapers and publishers and the general public discussing the achievements of engineers and/or the projects they design.
2. Correspond and coordinate, as appropriate, with other technical and professional societies.

F. Honors and Awards

1. Coordinate matters pertaining to:
a) Papers to be entered in contests authorized by the Branch, Section or National,
b) Sponsorship of the Science Fair, and
c) Nominations of local engineers for appropriate awards.

G. History and Heritage

1. Record, archive and disseminate historical information on the Branch and civil engineering in general.
2. Administer the preparation of biographical information for use in the awarding of Life Membership Certificates and for reports to headquarters after the death of a member.

H. Webmaster

1. Operate and maintain the Branch webpage as directed by the Board.

I. Auditing

1. Review all Treasurers’ reports generated during the previous year, including the end-of-year Treasurer’s report, to ensure that the Branch’s financial activities are in order.

J. Professional Practice Committee

1. Give attention to problems confronting engineers in the practice of their profession with particular regard to ethical, business, legal and administrative matters not specifically assigned to other committees of the Branch, including the relationship of such practice to public bodies, other local engineering groups and individuals.
2. Keep the Branch and Directors informed of Regulatory, Proposed Legislation, and State Board requirements that may affect the civil engineering profession.

K. Education Committee

1. Promote the availability of engineering educational opportunities matching the needs and desires of members of the Branch.

L. Student-Member Liaison

1. Maintain the lines of communication between the Student Chapter at Texas A&M Kingsville and the Branch, keeping in close touch with the A&M Kingsville Faculty Advisor and Student Contact Member.
2. Work with the Faculty Advisor, Contact Member, and Honors & Awards Chair to develop prizes for student papers, special activities, graduating seniors, and good scholarship.
3. Try to attend a student meeting at the beginning of the school year.
4. These Rules of Operation approved by the Board of Directors of the Corpus Christi Branch at its duly constituted meeting on June 2000in Corpus Christi, Texas.